Steinhatchee is Family Friendly for Scallop Season

Steinhatchee Landing Resort Is a Win

This is the family vaca with absolutely no need for the standard “vacation after the vacation”. If that doesn’t make you add it to your destination list this summer I don’t know if anything else will!

First of all… if you even considered going to Steinhatchee you’ve probably read all the hype about the Steinhatchee Landing Resort. Believe it people – the place is amazing! It is truly designed to embrace the surrounding natural beauty and make you feel completely at home. You can choose from cottages that range from 1 to 4 bedrooms, making it the perfect getaway for families (and LOTS of friends!) We are already planning our trip for next year and hope we can convince some of our favorite families to join us (you know who you are!)

In my family we feel front porches are never given enough credit… front porches are so Florida, but not incorporated into new construction nearly enough! Exactly why we spent all of our down time at the cottage on the front porch – the grill was even in the front yard so it made it even easier to get some porch time in with hubby!
GU_storyboard1_0013And… I should just let it be known here & now that I have a small (and by small I mean HUGE) obsession with doors! How cute is the door to our cottage?!!! We rented Key West Cottage #1.

Hagen’s Cove Is Perfect for Scalloping with Children

Now onto the reason for the season… scallop opening weekend festivities for our family kicked off with a day at Hagen’s Cove, located about a 15 minute drive out of town from Steinhatchee. Nonetheless, we fully expected it to be busy with fellow scallop hunters considering it was literally opening day. We were pleasantly surprised to find it extremely serene. And, there was plenty of parking, open picnic tables, a look-out tower, and knee-deep water that had me hooked on this place right away! We were deliberate about taking our kiddos at low tide because we were told they would be able to catch the scallops on foot–the water never exceeded 24″ for nearly a mile from the shore! That made all the difference for this mama! Literally, all of my kiddos were able to participate in the fun (which means mommy did too!)

I often joke that my oldest should have been born with gills… although he could walk out as far as he could see he opted to snorkel. The next two in line stayed close by me as they grabbed scallops with their nets (and their toes!) I pulled my youngest along in an inflatable – she really had it made! If you’re looking for a family friendly way to pull off scallop hunting, Hagen’s Cove is your place!


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  1. That Looks like so much fun! Did you guys get to eat the scallops? I’ve never gone clam digging or anything but I love seafood (I’m originally from New England).

    1. This was our most fun trip of the summer, hands down!!! Hubby cooked them that night – even the kids loved them (in pasta)! I don’t know how we could top this adventure – maybe noodling?! ?

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