Family Fun At The Fair

A Fun Filled Fair Weekend to Ring In Fall

We don’t get to look forward to fall for the colorful leaves, crisp air, or corn mazes here in Florida… rather, in Florida we look forward to welcoming fall for the pumpkin spice lattes that come back on the menu at Starbucks, and for the annual local fair – but, really, who doesn’t anticipate a good funnel cake once a year?!!!

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Virginia Is For Lovers!

Virginia Is For Lovers.

My hubby is a VMI alumni, and I graduated from JMU. (Both not only excellent schools, but each of the campuses is breathtakingly gorgeous!!! Not even biased here! They are amazing!) These native Floridians spent four plus years of our lives there together, experiencing the true “seasons” for the very first time! Not only is Virginia amazing in every season, the two of us made so many great memories there together! So, with that being said, Virginia really is for lovers. Believe it!

Now that we reside back in our home state of Florida, we miss those seasons. We make it a point to head back to Virginia any chance we get! This year we even squeezed in a 4-day trip (and we drove… yes, with all four children – we drove!!!)

And, it was worth it! I’ve had apple picking on my to-do for a couple of years now, and we successfully scratched that this fall! (? The first time EVER I used the timer on my camera!!!)

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Arden’s One-Year Milestone Session

This Is My Baby.

They’re all my babies, but this one is *our* baby – the baby of the family. She melts us. All of us. Every day. And, so although she gets more love than she can hardly handle, she experiences more compromise than any of my older children. After all, she was welcomed with 3 older siblings who also need my time, love, and undivided attention (that last part is meant to be funny for all of you other moms reading this!)

That being said, I am unashamed in debuting Arden’s one-year old milestone photos just two days before her second birthday!


I Had The Best Of Intentions – Promise!

Although, I am sincerely unashamed at waiting until nearly her 2nd birthday, I did not plan it this way. In fact, I actually purchased her adorable polka dot romper in 2015! And, I knew I had to include her favorite Pineapple shoes – I was just praying her little feet didn’t grow overnight! (Arden calls them “my apples” and I never want to forget those “apples”!) Her hair grew so fast this year… that part is a little bittersweet, but it is all part of her story – our story – this year. She became a big girl.

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