A Cool Place for Cool People

A Cool Place For Cool People… That’s How Bob Sums It Up.

And, I couldn’t agree more! Bob’s River Place is one of our coolest summer family friendly adventures yet (and it was only $25)! Located along the Suwannee River, Bob’s River Place is a popular swimming hole for locals and travelers alike. The 40-acre property is owned by Bob Hawkins who has generously welcomed guests into his backyard adventure zone for over 40 years now, and he can still be found there daily with his bull horn in hand to entertain & regulate his company. Equipped with multiple rope swings, two water slides, a log-roll, karaoke swamp-side, volleyball, floating docks – it truly has it all (except maybe a nearby Starbucks… after all day at Bob’s the kiddos zonked right away and Mama needed her coffee-fix for the drive home–the closest is over 35 miles away!) Nonetheless, my family had the time of their lives at Bob’s celebrating my oldest babes 9th birthday (holy cow–he’s half-way to adulthood!!!)
$25.00 per vehicle (up to 6 people)
Hours: open 7 days a week *rain or shine* 11am-6pm
Contact: 352-542-7363  |  2878 NE 340 Hwy, Branford, Florida 32008
Food: charcoal grills available first come/first serve & picnic tables throughout property | No Concessions Sold
Restrooms: public restrooms are available
Where to Stay: We chose to make a long weekend out of it and rented a cottage at the Steinhatchee Landing Resort (only a 35-minute drive away). Check-out details of our scalloping weekend in Steinhatchee here! There is also plentiful camping nearby including the breathtaking Ginnie Springs.

Helpful Tips:

  • Lifeguards NOT on Duty – Swim At Your Own Risk (*Suwannee River current is strong*)
  • This is a residential homestead – carrying your own insurance policy is advised.
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol use or any mind-altering substances while visiting Bob’s home.


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